Aikido does not know resistance. If it does not resist – it is invincible.
Rivalry, urge of winning, the feeling of disaster, have nothing in common with Budo.
The real Budo does not know failure. If I say “I am undefeated”, it means “I did not fight”. Aikido has to be, at first, seen as a Budo, then as a way to create one great family. It is not owned by any country or any human. I wish, that wise people listen to the voice of Aikido. I do not want to instruct – I want to let them change their way of thinking in a proper way. This is Aikido.
This mission should be acknowledge as yours Master the sacred Aiki techniques and none of your enemies shall challenge you to a duel. However, challenged by one opponent, stay alert Because you are always surrounded by enemies. Since the beginning, understanding and Budo were two wheel s of one road. Through the power of practice enlighten your body and soul Aikido is not the type of martial art, where it is essential to fight and win against an opponent. It’s a way that leads every human being to live in a great family. The secret of Aikido is to make an entity of yourself and the universe, followed by its natural movement.

Aikido is a way to train your body and mind, it develops the feeling of reliability, integrity, and honesty. That is why the ultimate purpose is not to train a powerful male or female, but to create a person with developed personality.

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